Happy Bday Hubby

Today Hubby’s turning 36… MY GOD! In my head he stills 21…

The first picture I saw of him was climbing a tree, full of energy and glowing like we all do at 21.

The first time we met, he was all smiles and I was mesmerised by how gorgeous he was.

Time goes horribly fast.

Perhaps that’s why I don’t waste my time on negativity, or complicated people. 

Perhaps that’s why I’m never upset for too long. Perhaps that’s why I don’t hold grudges and I always keep the best.

And even after a breakup, in the end nothing is terribly bad for me to not forgive. Because whatever went wrong will never be as big as all the joy my partners made me feel.

To Hubby, my 7 years of love, my 16 years of friendship and true devotion… Words are not enough to wish you all those things a great man deserves. But most important to express my unconditional gratitude and admiration. So let’s put it this way: 

If I am a wave then you are the sea, if you are a flower then I am your bee.

And it doesn’t matter on how many flowers I will rest in, you are the one that always feels home to me.


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