And Now The Part Where I Feel Like A Piece Of Shit…

I’m not a fan of myself, in fact, my self-deprecating abilities are legendary. Every single guy I met, dated, did, do, tell me the same thing… STOP lowering yourself! 

I’m very likeable I guess, and good at many things, but next to whoever I am, I always feel like nothing. So, getting people interested in me makes me feel guilty. 

Yesterday I officially said sayonara to Alex to give a chance to Carl, which by now officially asked me to date him.

However, in between Alex and Carl, there were 3? (okay 4) other guys (I’m so terrible!) and today I had to deliver the news to some of them ’cause it’s not cool to play with feelings.

While by being honest you risk to feel like a piece of shit for few seconds, by lying you ARE a piece of shit FOREVER! 

The most bitter truth is always better than the sweetest lie.

Just an advice from the most imperfect guy. 

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