Work In Progress

I usually paint when I’m depressed, so it doesn’t happen often.

Today, however, I woke up in the mood to paint.

Maybe dating Carl (who’s in another city,) knowing that I have 3 other hotter guys (in this city) trying to get me has to do something with my mood? Errr.. yeah… I’M FUCKIN’ DEPRESSED!!! 

Well, Carl is a good guy and Montrealers are assholes… but OMG how to resist? I need many cold showers to calm down.

I seriously don’t know how am I going to make it work out. 

I guess, I’d have to reconsider my actions and have a talk face to face next week. I need sex several times a week, and I don’t wanna cheat.

I know I sound like an asshole too, but I’m not in the stage of erectile dysfunction yet and I have 5 minutes left of youth. I cannot miss my opportunities! 

Anyway… So,  I was feeling creative today and decided to resume my work on a canvas I abandoned a year ago.

The last time I started something I was with PatrickA, and he was sincerely in awe to see that I have some talent.

Not because he thought I was a complete idiot, but because he’s a nerd and his artistic skills are non-existent.

As I was saying… so far, I covered the drawing I had on the background and put the background colour of my next whatever-it-is-that-my-brush-will-create.

Yeah nothing much to see yet, but the writer in me needed to blog.

Btw the colour is Iridescent blue green mixed with black, and the painting hanging on the wall behind, was also made by myself.

More to come…

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