Dans La Merde Jusqu’au Cou…

So… I’m a mess! But what’s new right?

Carl messages me often during the day, he calls me every night and does his best to keep my interest alive, but… I don’t see him and I don’t sex him; and at this point I feel like a virgin again… which is driving me crazy… and makes me behave as such.

And by that I mean, I’m seeing someone else tonight. 

The idea is just a friendly get together, but the attraction is obvious…

Lucas is an international student from France and he’s just too adorable to avoid, which should be reason enough for me to do so.

But yeah, I clearly love trouble… and I’m about to get in deep shit for it because, je suis dans la merde jusqu’au cou!

And speaking of troublemakers, Alex texted me yesterday…

Because evidently, he hasn’t realised how evil I am.

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