Speaking Of Wild Things…

Here’s the ANTITHESIS…

I really need to “educate” Carl if he wants to deal with me.

You know, my personal insecurities rely on my physical aspect (because I’m very hard on myself) but not on my Casanova capacities.

I’m VERY secure of myself as a lover. 

So, when Carl acts sooooo insecure (checking on me every 30 minutes) and needy it gets on my nerves, because as the top he is (the one fucking me) he should exude confidence and not doubts…

Yeah, I have the NERVE to said that! 

Still, I need a man with strong personality who challenges mine.

Someone smart enough to disarm me with his eyes, and carnal enough to satisfy my lust… A wild thing that makes my heart sing!! 

Anyway, he’s arriving tomorrow night so he’d better fuck me like a champion and also get it right. Otherwise, I’d have to say goodbye. 

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