Getting Fixed At Last!

I should mark this day in my calendar… It’s been 10 days since I had sex. A total ESCANDALO! 

The last time it was with Randy, whom by the way messaged me yesterday asking me to see him on Saturday. Obviously I said YAAAS because I cannot lose my only official awesome fuckfriend.

He’s been doing me since Xavier stop, so it’s been awhile already and he has become someone special.

I know I can count on him whenever I need some quality time, and if I have not seen him these days it’s because I was cock-blocked by Alex and Carl playing the good decent guy.

BUT, since I’m not having any, he’s totally authorised to make a vengeful comeback… ’cause guys get aroused by revenge sex and I owe him that.

Anyway, Carl is arriving to Montreal in few more hours, so if in few more hours I’ll lose my virginity again. Oh. My. God. I’m shy!

Truly I was scratching the walls like a cat in heat, so I gotta thank the Sex Gods for this well-deserved double feature. Thank you guys!   

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