Yesterday I  had a talk with Carl and told him how I was feeling… He was not very happy about it but in the end accepted it.

At night he took me for supper and later he ate my ass one last time.

As it’s the case (in guys) after some issues his performance was stellar, a lot better than the previous times. Considering that this was also an episode of “breakup sex” he truly delivered his A game.

But as good as it was, and as good of a person he is, I don’t see myself in a couple with him… You know, it’s not cool being me. I’m almost 2000 year old and I had many men in my life (most of them pretty complete) so at this point of my existence I’m very picky even if I try not to, or deserve.

In other words, I’m fucked! 

This morning we went for breakfast before he goes back to Ottawa…

And there under the morning light, for the last time, I contemplated his beautiful eyes… And kissed him goodbye.

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