Can You Not?

Although it’s cute to know that someone likes you, the persistence is also annoying after a decision was made. He’s only looking to get hurt and that’s exactly what I’m trying to avoid.

But most people learn the hard way…

See, in life we cannot have it all, and when it comes to romance even less.

I was never the one breaking up, but even though I loved all my ex’s I never try to keep them because by trying, you only make the distance bigger.

Truly loving someone, it’s let them be and do what they feel, not what you want.

Every human should apply that and make their life less miserable. 

And yes I like Carl but… let’s be honest, I like EVERYBODY! 

What I need are stronger feeling and emotions, because I’m driven by passion not by reason. I can’t help it, I’m THAT bohemian.

On a scale of cuddles to rough sex, I need everything on the fucking scale!

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