Not Worth Finishing

I RARELY start a book and don’t finish it, but A Year In The Merde is one of them.

I’ve been to France. I understand having a love/hate relationship with the country/people. Parisians are assholes, but the rest of the population are really nice humans, and also hot. 

So, when by happenstance, I saw this book and laughed at the title I figured I was in for some great laughs and “inside humour”.

In all fairness, I only read the first chapter wishing for things to improve, but i didn’t feel the “humour.” It felt like some poor man in desperate need of real sex put his frustrations on a book.

You know… the type of guy who only gets laid when the lady is drunk or if he pays for it, because he’s so much of a jerk than even with a 10″ dick he doesn’t turn you on.

So, Englishdude went to France for a job… He didn’t even bother to learn some French or understand THEIR culture, instead he opted to make fun of it like a fool, and try to get with women in bed while doing so.

As I said, it sounds like a 40 yo virgin/loser/inept wrote this piece.

I don’t know… maybe my sense of humour and perversion are too superior that I find this guy too amateur and obnoxious?

Maybe I just didn’t get his words, because unlike him I love cultures and I don’t have sexual frustrations? Or maybe he’s just an idiot and I have no patience for it? Probably all of the above.

In short, this book c’est vraiment de la MERDE! 

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