Repeat Offender

Despite the fact that I decided to get rid of Alex few weeks ago, I saw him last night… 

He texted me and wanted to “talk.” I hesitated at first, but since it doesn’t take too much to convince me  (plus I was bored,) I said yes.

Although we foreplayed we didn’t have intercourse, I was not really in the mood to get his beautiful cock inside me. I don’t know I was feeling virginal, even maternal…

See, Alex is a fine fuck but he’s also in a difficult age where he needs some friendly advice (and maybe some ass) more than  judgemental opinions… Since I’m a good listener (and a better offender) I let him speak.

In the end I got him off, he was happy, and my job was done.

This was definitely a last time.

From now on I need someone to deepthroat my heart.

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