New Gym

It’s been a month that I’m stressing out hunting for a new gym, I finally found it!

I was not a big fan of that gym ’cause most of the branches are kind of meh, but this one was nice, big, and located on a very attractive area of the city that happens to be connected to Hubby’s work (a business building complex).

Unlike my previous gym (which btw I love but I needed a change) this one doesn’t have many windows or trainers (or gays,) but everything was new and the machines were nice.

My membership at my old gym expired a week ago and I was feeling like a cow with a hints of whale, so I felt relived to finally find this place.

Once done I texted Hubby, he wasn’t far so he came to see me…

He arrived few days ago from Iceland, so he’s taking me for supper tomorrow night with another friend in common that haven’t seen in ages. 

In short, it was a happy satisfying morning for me.

The type I need more often.

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One thought on “New Gym

  1. Mark says:

    Ha! Don’t think you’re a cow at all Beautiful day here in MTL!

    Yes, been back for the week. Much better than the snow you had here last time!

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