My life is pretty ordinary, but I always thought that if I had to write a book I would call it L.U.S.T.

However, after my last breakup I should call it P.U.T.A… Seriously, I’m losing money here! 

So, I’m full of “dates” again, I have one today, another tomorrow and few more next week.

The candidates are of all colours ’cause I’m eclectic.

A have a blond muscular viking-like looking guy (Philippe,) an Arab (Chris H,) a Latino (Edgar,) an Italian (Eli) and several Caucasians (Julian, Maxime, etc.) All of them, fit or bigger, younger, handsome, and all the physical features someone who wants to top me should have…

Because I obviously have a type! 

On the other hand, Randy (my regular guy) wanted to see me last night, but since I have all these dates coming I wisely decided to rest. I’m not 18 like he is so I can’t do many things at the same time…

Except men. Clearly.

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