Into The Wild

Done! It took me almost 3 days to finish this book. 

This is a non-fiction biography about a young man named Chris McCandless who went into the Alaskan wilderness, but never came out again.

The story of this guy, divided society.

One group seems to think McCandless was a visionary; a free-thinking, wild spirit who lived his dream and died an unfortunate, tragic death. The other group thinks he was a stupid kid; an ill-prepared daydreamer who brought his demise upon himself due to his own idiocy.

In my opinion, he was a bit of both (not a visionary whatsoever,) the two states are not mutually exclusive. However, he clearly had some psychological issues, because a well-balanced person wouldn’t avoid that much reality.

Overall, that kid was lucky to met all the people that helped him while in civilisation.

The one thing that’s true is that his death was avoidable and tragic.

Now, what bothers me is that due to the media picking up on this case, with various newspaper and magazine articles being written about it, a movie being made, etc … They promote him as an inspirational figure for impressionable young people.

I can only hope that they will take this sad tale onboard as a cautionary tale, rather than one to emulate.

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