Speaking Of Wild…

By far of all the guys on my never-ending list, the one that  makes me lose all dignity left is Philippe. He’s this Scandinavian god son of Odin that is not Thor, Baldr, Víðarr, nor Váli… He’s a bastard most likely. But as imposing as the rest. So, Philippe wanted to see tonight but I told him I was busy because he intimidates me big time. Unlike Thor, Philippe has the mighty hammer between his legs… Oh! And he’s a ginger down there…. In other words the man is a beast! #YAAAS  

However I was not fully lying, I was actually busy ’cause I saw Chris H…. One word: Meh! Chris was not bad looking but he has the personality of a grandpa. He was too correct, too formal, too BORING. I need a horny man, not a priest… Or maybe I need a priest, they’re full perverted after all. Anyhow, I was missing some tea and cookies to fully become a decent lady when in fact he was supposed to eat MY man cookie! #FAIL 

On the other hand my second option for the night was Edgar, but luckily for me he was out of  town… There’s no way I had a double “date” ’cause I worked today, but most important there’s no way I got busted for my indiscretions. Listen kids, if you gonna play do it like a pro, otherwise DON’T! #LuckyMe

And last but not least, Carl can’t stop texting me and I feel really bad about it. The last thing I want is to hurt someone’s feelings. We all know how it feels to lose someone you like and it’s not cool. I want him to be okay but I running out of resources to make him feel better. He has a weak personality and makes me feel double the bitch from hell I am. Saying I don’t think of him would be a lie, I think of him but not with the passion he thinks of me. In other words I’m mortified. #SucksToBeHim 

In short, discarding men feels really good.

I can see Philippe feeling less guilty next week, even though I’m almost sure he’s gonna make me regret it… And by “me” I totally mean my ass! 

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