Mid-life Crisis = Time For Change

Daddy Pitt has revealed his drinking helped wreck his marriage when it became “too much” and compared his split from Jesus kinder sister (and GODDESS) Angelina Jolie to a “death” in the latest GQ Style’s.

The star has since gone into therapy and, in his first interview since the break-up, admitted his split from the Hollywood actress was “self-inflicted” while branding himself “emotionally retarded”.

I won’t lie here, I love Brad Pitt (maybe not as much as Angelina) but he’s one of the few male figures I found real (as not fake) growing up.

He doesn’t try to impress anyone, nor try to be the alpha male any other Hollywood dude attempt desperately to portrait.

He’s mostly chill, but also he’s full natural at it.

As I always say, sex appeal and charm are qualities you cannot learn, you have to born that way. To me, those are Brad’s biggest gift.

Relationships crisis are inevitable. 

Let’s hope we all come out stronger people for it.

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