The Cure To My Evil

You guys, if you knew me in person you’ll see that I’m the sweetest, most peaceful, playful, complaisant and overall nicest human being.

BUT when someone get on my nerves, I’m LITERALLY this bitch:

I can’t stand when someone changes my plans, which was the case of JR.

He’s been sexually harassing me the whole week, and finally when I decided to make his dream come true, he changed the time he was supposed to be at my door at the very last minute.

Obviously it pissed me off because I rushed to get my princess ass ready for his almost 9″ cock. So, I called it off because in life you need to educate the youth .Specially when they’re 21 year old.

As if my evening wasn’t already ruined by my whims, Carl had an episode of stupidity that made me lose my shit on him.

So I called him, and I didn’t have any other option but going hard on him in order to cure his idiocy. I wasn’t happy about it, but he seemed less lunatic after I yelled some sense to him.

His conduct reminded of Joseph at the beginning of our relationship… But Joseph didn’t just say, he harmed himself few times. And few times I spoke to him calmly, trying to make him understand his actions didn’t solve the issues. And mainly, that nobody was more important than himself.

Anyhow, back to JR…

By midnight and after much insistence, JR arrived at my door… And after our business done, covered in cum with my bum destroyed, I realised I need to buy more lube. But most important… I wasn’t evil no more!

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