So, I was bored at work and browsing on my phone I decided to download Whisper… A place to write and share your secrets.

On Whisper you find from heartbreaking posts to naughty, fun stuff and lots of irrelevant messages.

Making reference of my story with Xavier, I posted this:

And why oh why? In less than 5 minutes I had at least 10 messages of guys (gays, bi and straight curious) offering their penises to me.

Several not older than 22 because, of course!!

I don’t know about you guys, but on every single “nonsexual” app I had, I always had people approaching me to hookup regardless I was single or not, because sluts can’t care less about your status.

When I used to have Facebook, I received messages from random guys on weekly basis. During my rare times of singlehood I met 2. When I had Wechat, same story. During the short period I tried Snapchat (mainly to chat with Justin) I received random messages of guys wanting to sext. 

And even on Instagram, I used to received several messages from guys from all over either asking dick/ass pics or wanting to meet. 

In fact, one of them was Xavier and that’s how we met. But Xavier was not like the rest, he took me serious and I loved him forever.

Long story short, don’t try to make me believe apps are not the easiest way to get laid, because they ALL are!!!

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