Everlasting Feelings

My legs are killing me, it hurts when I open them and it has nothing to do with me getting dick (or maybe does,) but because of the gym.

I really love my new gym, everything is new and it’s visually nice (my biggest motivation,) specially at the times I go.

10 AM or 2 PM are the perfect time ’cause it’s empty.

Another reason that makes me love my new gym as much, it’s the fact that Hubby (one of my ex’s) works in the same building; which provides me instant joy whenever he messages me or takes a break to come see me.

See, despite having broke up 8 years ago, he still has that effect on me.

But to be honest seeing any of my ex’s it’s a joy. 

Our partnership may have ended, but not what I feel for them.

That said, I need to recover soon.

So I can open my legs… In order to feel again!

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