Lazy Tops Turn Me Off

I seriously don’t get it. I can’t post anything on Whisper without getting private messages of people looking for sex. Even if has nothing to do with it… I mean, since when innocent Whisper got so corrupted?

Anyhow, when I used to have friends I was known for making people horny. But I guess my talent is also textual, and maybe telepathic since Guillaume contacted me as well.

Maybe he also reads my Whispers? Naaah 

He’s just frustrated because he still can’t get me, but it’s not because I’m hard to get… He’s just an incompetent male who’s too used to get ass without making any effort… which was also my case when I was a top, BUT unlike him I had approach, and I didn’t need an app.

Guillaume is hot but lazy and guys like him are automatically disqualify because I need foreplay, friction and fantasy.

Not a boring fuck even if he’s hot.

If I were a desperate hooker lacking gorgeous men, maybe I will run to him. But it’s not the case. 

Either way…

Whatever happened to Whisper (and seductive men). 

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