Sly Slaying

Sylvester Stallone is an investor in Mulberry Street Pizza and he needs to advertise his stuff.

So he went on Instagram to promote Mulberry along with some guy named Richie Palmer who is a fifty something guy with one of those weird bulging veins on his abdomen… A tell tale sign you’re pumping something into yourself you can’t find over the counter.

Sly looks fantastic for a 70 something year old man.

Seriously, we’ve got to rethink the stigma surrounding steroids.

Sure it might kill you eventually, so will losing all of your testosterone.

I’d take fifty Stallone years over living to a hundred like a basic human.

A doctor will prescribe you any drug your heart desires if you pay him in cash. Most of these slowly kill you. And in terms of risk versus reward, testosterone is the best one out there next to alcohol.

Frankly, if in the end death is what is waiting for us, I’d rather go looking like Sly and not like Dr Phil!

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