Speaking Of Turns Off

I like Eli, but he’s way too slow and I don’t have the patience for it. If I didn’t told him to fuck off it’s because he’s handsome (I’m horribly superficial shame on me) but Ugh! Why can’t all tops be assertive and determined?

Why do I have to waste my energies and what’s left of my youth to show some guys how to act like a man and not like a fukin amateur? 

Anyway, here’s another one…

This is a Mexican guy who’s failing big time because he has zero cleverness to deal with me. See, I like creative people and people with sense of humour. In other other words, I love intelligence.

This guys has a nice body, but he’s not fully my type, specially his accent… Yeah sorry to sound like a bitch but it’s true. Latinos in the US and Mexico have to accept that we South Americans have nicer accents. Period!

Anyhow, I was a total virgin this weekend. Like the saint I am! Gracias.

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