No Longer Hurts

Yesterday a cousin of mine messaged me on Whatsapp asking me for a picture I have in one of my Facebook albums.  So, in order to send her that picture I re-opened my Facebook account for few minutes.

And I couldn’t help but to write a temporary status… As expected, I immediately got messages asking me Where one earth I was hiding?  


See, I know many people and many people love me, but I chose seclusion because I needed time alone after some bad decisions that made me hate myself even more. Also during that time, I wanted to keep my love life private in order to protect it from gossips and haters.

Anyway, after I got over with my anxiety, I started to check forgotten stuff… And then I saw a private album… An album of Jaden (my ex from Toronto).

5 years ago I didn’t have the capacity to look at those pics because I adored that guy, and the way we end was very unfortunate. 

Jaden was one of my favourite boyfriends intellectually and physically. 

He was hot, he was fun, he was smart, he was audacious, he was clever, he was generous and he was kind (even my wary dogs loved him.) But he was also young with a life ahead of him, living in the wrong city.

5 years ago… He must be 28 by now.

I know he loved me, and he knows I loved him too. And wherever he is I just hope, that as me, he also keeps in his heart the best of us.

Seeing those pictures again opened a box of memories I once tried to forget… But it no longer hurts!

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