Dumb People Are Hating France’s New First Lady Age

France’s new President, Emmanuel Macron is 39 year old, and his wife Brigitte Trogneux is 64.

There’s an age gap of 25 years and some dumb hos are in full nasty mode criticising the couple, specially the lady for being old (a major sin!)  and allegedly wearing hair extensions, and have some very subtle cosmetic surgery…

Like Seriously????

There’s nothing wrong on trying to look good, specially at certain age.

What’s wrong is the monumental amount of plastic surgery when you’re young (The Kardashian clan anyone?).

Now, between the American orange bastard and sad Melania there’s an age gap of 24 years, but people is okay with that because he’s a “man”.

It seems like society is okay with an old dude banging young chicks, but not with a younger one banging mature women.

Two things:

  1. Why is everyone so judgemental towards women?
  2. Why is it so hard to understand that it’s all about CHEMISTRY!!

When you have good chemistry with someone, age doesn’t matter. You feel good with that person and that’s all it counts.

Also, if that intergenerational couple is happy that way, WHAT THE FUCK YOU CARE?

  • When a man cheat on a woman, he’s boss.
  • When a woman cheat on a man, she’s a whore.
  • When a man fucks a younger chick, he’s boss
  • When a woman fucks a younger guy, she’s a cougar.


And let this happy couple be happy.

People need to mind their own shit, stop the hate and get laid more often.

All that said, VIVE LA FRANCE!!!

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