The New Spider-Man Dancing Himself Sore To RiRi’s Umbrella

The new Spider-Man movie comes out this July, and I have a serious feeling that the creators of that shit have scheduled an EMERGENCY CODE RED reshoot of its ending.

They know that it can no longer end with Spider-Man doing whatever Spider-Man does to beat the main villain. It needs to end with Spider-Man destroying the bad guy by crotch-thrusting and gyrating while wearing a $10 polyester wig and some latex bloomers

Tom Holland lip-synching puts Britney Spears to shame!

But that’s not what this is about.

It’s about him working it like his rent, his mama’s rent, his daddy’s rent, his grandma’s rent, his auntie’s rent and his cousin’s rent was due weeks ago and they’re all about to be put out.

In short, Tom is giving me life and I’M IN LOVE!!!! 

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