Barbie is Probably Made of Less Plastic

Like her father before her, and her half sister who I think is her mom before her, Kylie Jenner is a mangled human…

I guess it’s in part with the family brand, that is so important to them, it makes them so much money, and it encourages body modification in the form of injections and implants and fat being sucked out of them…coupled with lots of thick make-up, all designed to sell to the fragile in the head.

What it has become is a movement, like tattoos once were, or laser hair removal, where people save up their 600 dollars or less and jack up their face… all while promoting body positivism, no slut shaming and anti-bullying lies…

I mean this dollar store version of a Kylie (Miss MINOGUE being the ORIGINAL and luxurious Kylie) is something more than the fertilised lizard egg that fell out of Kim’s asshole… she also pretends to be a good influence to kids while looking like this and saying  “it’s normal that at 19, you should look like a 40 year old stripper with body dysmorphia”

The world is a mess, and these Kardashians are big part of the problem. 

But to say something nice, I think the nose job and first lip job improved her looks. But she didn’t stop there, she keeps inflating up her lips like they are Reebok Pumps.

Now, just like Kim and Khloe, that ass and tits are fake… She’s only 19…

Her 30’s and beyond are going to be real rough and really sad, ’cause eventually… All collapses.

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