Another Blog Gone

Last night checking blogs I am subscribed to, I found out Rudyhou doesn’t exist anymore, and got me blue.

The guy behind that blog lives in China, he was also gay and he tended to blog about food, personal stories and assorted interesting topics.

He followed me here and also used to follow my previous blog, the one I started in 2012 after my breakup with Jaden and that I kept during the first year of my relationship with Joseph.

He regularly commented on my stuff and I used to do the same to his.

Although I stopped reading other people’s blogs due to the lack of personal time, I checked his blog from time to time, so it saddened me finding out he’s gone. Fellow bloggers become virtual friends after a while. You get familiar to them and many times you even know more about their lives than people in their real world.

So.. Dear Rudy,

If by any chance you still reading my blog, know that whatever reason you had to close yours is acceptable (been there,) and wherever you are I wish life keeps you healthy, joyous and free spirited.

Ups and downs make us who we are, but getting rid of negativity always makes us better.

I am missing you.

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