The Natural History Of Stupidity

I don’t have a physical (paper) book at the moment so I went online to check for one, a satirical essay published in 1959 that wanted to read since forever… Historia De La Estupidez Humana is the title in Spanish.

The Natural History Of Stupidity, originally published as The Natural Science of Stupidity is an essay written by Hungarian author, novelist, journalist and psychical researcher Paul Tabori.

This book deals with stupidity, imbecility, incapacity, emptiness, narrow-mindedness, fatuity, idiocy, madness.

Analyses and study the stupid, the foolish, the beings of weak intelligence, those of dim lights, the mental weak, the superficial, the simple, the unbalanced, the irresponsible, the brutalised of yesterday and today.

Basically it is an investigative work where Tabori gathers a lot of information, documents, books and more, to give examples of many nonsense made by the human being.

However, if ever your fragile feelings are hurt by what the author said, don’t forget this essay is also a satire.

“Stupidity is the most lethal human weapon,
the most devastating epidemic, the most expensive luxury”

In short, before the Bible there was not other book that would better describe our stupidity…  I recommend this jewel to all of you.

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