My schedule is been a total mess. I’ve been hitting the gym at night and going to sleep around 5 AM. I blame this to the lack of sex this week.

And speaking of scandals… I have not talked much about America’s (hopefully) soon to be ex President. The reason is that if I talk about all the things I disliked about the man, this blog would become one long sad political diatribe, and not a long sad I-haven’t-had-sex-in-several-days-and-it’s-killing-my-creativity complaint to the gods.

 My problems are real! 

Anyhow, I don’t want that for my blog. My heart aches that bitch is president, endangering the world. He’s an imbecile and a low down rotten crook who lies with every word out of his mouth.

I am still in shock that Americans let him won. WTF AMERICA?

But like I said, let’s not talk about him, and let’s focus on how “good” I behaved this week… Actually no, my life is chaos. I need to get fucked soon but I’m tired to be left unsatisfied like the last time.

What’s wrong with me? Why can I just be like the rest of gays and be happy with whatever has a penis? Can someone please fuck me like a champion?

Anyway, I’d better go check the many messages I just received on Whisper from all those “straight-curious” wanting to fuck me just because I post shit related to my life: 

In short I know is masturbation month, but I wasn’t born to touch myself.

I was born to be touched! 

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