The A(sian) Gene

Yesterday someone asked me if I was Asian… I found it funny, even though, it’s not the first time somebody asked me that. In fact those few asking me that question have a good sense of observation..

 Not because I am Asian, but I guess they can see something of my family background on my physical traits (whatever it is) ’cause there’s no other explanation for that question.

If you see some of my cousins (picture above), a lot of them look more Asian mixed. And if you ever see some of my uncles, my mom (when she was younger) or my grandma, well, then you’ll understand.

I believe my maternal grandmother had very strong genes since she was Chinese descent for what I know. My grandfather was mulatto.

In my particular case my dad is mestizo (and his mother is half-French), so I guess I’m a mixed of all that but I got more of the guys genes unlike my female cousins.

Anyhow I hardly get impressed by people, but observation is a great quality and more than amused I was admired by the person who made that remark.

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