Glad He’s Okay

This morning I found a message from Justin on my phone… It’s been few months since I heard from him. For those who doesn’t know my story with Justin, well, we kind of have a long-distance relationship for the last 4 years now. So, I replied to his text and he messaged me later.

Apparently he’s been through a lot…

The last time we chatted he was extra upset at me for whatever reason… But it seems he was mostly upset at himself for accepting what he was living. 

Frankly I didn’t know what to say to the stuff he told me. I was upset at the bastard who did that to him, but far from showing that I just did my best to focus on right now. This moment when he’s safe and sound.

Perhaps due to my personality I am not capable to understand an abusive relationship. Violence (verbal or physical) is something I do not tolerate, and if I ever do I’d probably be in jail for murdering a piece of shit.

Pretty heavy his affair, but I’m grateful he’s now okay.

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2 thoughts on “Glad He’s Okay

  1. Mark says:

    You’re a good friend and a good man. His ex should rot.

  2. olemtl says:

    Kind of frustrating tho…

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