No Intimacy

You know… I had sexmates between serious relationships in the past, but it’s the first time I feel a fuckfriend is just that.

The difference between Tomy and any of my previous sexmates is
that unlike the rest, we don’t have intimacy.

We only fuck feeling free.

While I’ve always treated the other guys affectionately and caring, I cannot do those things with Tomy. He’s a straight guy who likes to fuck guys like me (smooth virgins *ahem* ) for pleasure but not by “nature.”

It’s not on him to show softness to another guy.

Although it doesn’t really bother me, I find it peculiar’cause I love to analyse people’s mind. See, in my head this so called “straight-curious” are bisexuals in denial, but there’s something different…

I’ve been with bisexual and they can be affectionate, but not very wild. While straight-curious can be very wild, but not affectionate.

I believe the kinkiness of the curious rely on the pleasure for the “forbidden” and fetish to dominate… which I totally approve.

Anyway so far so good, but cannot rely on Tomy 100%. And that’s why I already have plan A, B and… Z! But more of that soon. For now, I’d better go to bed. Tomy left few minutes ago and I really need some rest. 

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