Those Extra Inches

Sorry for the lack of updates, it’s been a crazy week of sexy for me.

I always say I’m a lucky guy when it comes to men and romance. But lust is not exception. My balls are empty, I’ve been fornicating all these days (thank you Tomy) and it’s hump day. Which means I cannot not have sex today because it’s my duty to respect the rules of the internet. 

So, today I may see Sébastien or Sam.

For some reason the letter S is following me a lot these days. In fact I had a movie date yesterday with Sari… all of them hot and young … because the gods don’t want it any other way.

Sari is a chemical engineer and he reminds me a lot of PatrickA when it comes to fitness and personality.

He was a nerd and his choice of words very formal, which made him cute yet less intimidating… Actually he was somehow intimidating by my directness and sexual innuendo. But was amused ’cause it was “refreshing”.

I had a good time with him but the level of sexual appetite was not the same. He’s hot but he’s way too vanilla.

Gladly, as I mentioned before I have other guys for that, Sébastien is one of them, whom I also considering like a potential new sexmate.

Another one is Valentine, but Velentine is like no other… He’s a 20 yo French from France obsessed to devirginize me with his 9″ dick.

As I said, I guess it’s just my luck to meet young handsome/hot guys with huge penises.

In short, I’m well and alive, and I’m not sure who’s gonna do me tonight.

But I’m not ready for Valentine’s extra inches. So, probably Sébastien.

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