Alien: Covenant

So last night I had a date with Sari, whom by the way texted me this afternoon to let me know he wants to see me again… I guess I had it wrong last night. Ugh! 

What should I do? I like him, but so I like Jean Philippe and Sébatien, and the 3 of them are taking me somehow serious. Truly, Mata Hari who?

But let’s talk about last night’s movie…

Where to begin with Alien: Covenant? From a visual standpoint, the movie looks amazing, the set designs are great and the soundtrack is quite efficient. The movie attempts to continue from Prometheus whilst at the same time be an Alien film, and this is where it slips.

The characters are not too strong (will never be a Sigourney Weaver again,) the story itself has so many conveniences, plot holes and predictable moments, and the Alien CGI effects were very unconvincing and distracting from times.

The movie honestly feels like a detour from what the REAL Prometheus sequel should have been, and at the end of the day it feels okay but not memorable. I mean overall I enjoyed the movie, but the creature is not longer impressive, and I disliked the end. But didn’t suck.

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