What You Don’t Know Can’t Hurt You

I live my life by that quote. 

I force myself to remain ignorant of things that I know could hurt me by avoiding them. And I put the same way of thinking in my head, when I think I misbehave, in order to protect somebody else.

Last night, while Sari takes forever to make his next move, and while my schedule with Sébastien still  doesn’t match; Kevin was the antidote to cool me down.

He was lovely, intelligent and fun, and knew how to turn me on with his nerd talk. But, even though he had the qualities I like in a guy, Sébastien is the one I’m taking more serious among all these guys. At least for now.

Sex is just sex and it doesn’t mean much unless you put your heart.

Paradoxically I’m a mirage to them, yet real as I can.

They like me because I don’t fake what I feel, but they can’t see beyond their dick. They all feel special, and they are to some extent.

But as I said… what you don’t know, can’t hurt you.

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