Sunday Chemistry

My weekend didn’t went as planned… Sébastien got sick, Sari and Sam got on my nerves (so I told them goodbye,) and although they were not the only names on my list, I decided to leave my sex in peace for a day.

Today however, before 8 AM and before any taste of coffee on my mouth, Francis woke me up with the taste of his lips, his body and his dick.

You know, I’m very picky for guys but Francis really surprised me…

Handsome, sweet and full of stamina, he made me sweat like a hooker in church. He could go on until the end of time, and was also a heavy cummer… He literally gave me a shower.

Francis was an instant crush, the definition of what I miss, what I want, and what I’m lacking with the rest of guys: CHEMISTRY! 

He was not only a sexual dream, he was also an intellectual one.

The type of guy I take 100% serious, that rare specie that make me want to be monogamous and faithful.

But because I’m cursed or something, this is his last week in Montreal before moving to Quebec City. He got a full time job at some hospital over there and his contract is for one year.

He texted me few times during the day, and we may see each other sometime this week…

I’m overall lucky, but tremendously unlucky to have to say forever farewell to a person that I know, is that better half, absent in my life. 

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