3 HourZzz

Tomy passed by unexpectedly last night… Although I hate last minutes, I let him come in ’cause after all, he’s still my sexmate.

However, I was not ready for it so we skipped the sex. Instead, we just cuddle and chill a bit… Which surprised me, considering how “straight” he is. I guess his habit to call me “pretty” had to do with his flexibility.

The fact that I’m not a hairy masculine looking type of guy helps a lot his subconscious. He’s not into rough man but more into “dolce.

Anyway he left around 2 AM after some foreplay, and I got to sleep only 3 hours… I’m somehow okay right now, but I’ll be pretty fucked later on and my day is going to be VERY long.

On the other hand Sébastien texted me last night to make sure I’ll see him this week. And this morning my replacement for Sari also messaged me.

In short, I really need more than 3 hours of sleep to handle this week.

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