JESUS IS BLACK! He Glides On Water

At some water park in heaven right now, Jesus is standing at the top of a slide and is quietly saying to himself, “You got this, JC, don’t let a wannabe show you up,” as he attempts to gracefully butt slide along the water like a swan on speed.

Twitter user Morgan Evick was on vacation at a resort in Jamaica when he got to witness Aquaman’s long-lost brother give the people a show by sliding across the pool and sticking that landing.

Whenever Neptune can’t find seaweed, or whatever, to wipe with, he cleans his ass by butt-scooting across the water like this, and it’s magnificent!

I slow clapped at that butt slide, I stood up at that landing and I fell back when he smoothly put on his shirt and strolled off.

Dude deserves a gold medal!

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