Exploration & Realisation

If I gained something during these months of exploration, it’s the better understanding of gay guys in this city.

I’ve realised that a lot of guys under 30 are oversensitive, lack sense of humour, and smoke too much weed.

Many have never had a long-term relationship or ANY, as matter of fact.

Those over 30 are either indifferent, bitter, or too materialistic. And ages above I have no clue, nor any curiosity ’cause I have enough old with myself.

But not all is negative. Brilliant down-to-earth guys also exist but it’s a small portion. The vast majority get on my nerves with their lack of personality and creativity, so I ended up looking like a rude bitch when in fact they’re just too boring and incapable to handle me.

I mean, if you want to know about ME, ask me what I feel when it rains, what I read… Try to understand my brain and not why I gave my penis a break. Maybe you can ask if I believe in life in space?

The unusual is valid, but don’t ask me what I do for a living because you would never know my soul that way.

Anyway I’m attracted by the unconventional and sadly for me, most guys are too into their trends and their parades.

Some weeks ago talking about the gay lifestyle and youth, I asked my doctor “Where is society going?” He didn’t have an answer, but we both agree that pop-culture and technology are not very positive for the fragile.

And fragile people are abundant… You can tell when they can’t handle an argument, take a joke, or take a fact.

In short I’m not pessimistic about a decent fate, but the Hubby’s (no always here,) the Jaden’s (not here,) the Justin’s (not here,) the PatrickA’s (temporally here,) the Francis’s (about to leave) don’t walk often on my path. Or they do? HA!

I am in the wrong city.

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