Far From Over

Justin messaged me yesterday after some time of absence…

As usual his main focus was on my sex life because I’m just an object to him! Okay, not really but he’s too curious about that area and I’m too uncomfortable to talk about it despite the fact that I’ve been in his asshole and he’s been on my penis in the past.

But all that aside, I still believe Justin and I are far from over.

The stuff he makes me feel whenever we chat is unparalleled. He makes me open up my heart easily, and makes my brain work faster at the same time ’cause he’s one of the few guys I consider complete.

The distance has only affected the order of priority, but everything else remain. In fact, I’m still incredulous at how we met back in time.

Honestly, I don’t even play an active role in my life anymore. Shit just happens and I’m like oh is this what we’re doing now okay…

And I sincerely hope we will be doing each other again.

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