Mille Mots D’amour

Yesterday on my way home I passed by a second hand bookstore, and on the window, a red box sealed with a red ribbon caught my attention.

Needless to say I took a closer look… and bought it!

In the garnet box, a thousand words of love written by artists, thinkers, politicians and the general public were lying in a mess of coloured papers.

Gourmands, without embarrassment, tender or sad, the letters curl up ready for the guilty pleasure of those like me, who still dare to read love notes searching for hope, inspiration or the emotions we lost after giving too much.

To conjugate the verb to love is a solitary activity, and this French piece is perfect.

After some research I found out this is a collection of (10?) volumes…

Now, I love the romanticism of it, but in my opinion many volumes are not longer a cute idea but a sick punishment.

However, I also found out that this creative piece is from the organisation Les Impatients, whose mission is to offer art and music therapy to people who suffer from mental health problems.

It is well known that love-letters often sin by excess of good feelings, abuse the flowery language and multiply lexical blunders. This box, of course, does not escape any of these traps. And yet, the exercise still remains intriguing and exciting. At least for some of us.

“I can say” I love you “and lie,” writes writer Elisabeth Vonarburg.

True, but not here, not in this box that conjugates love with a disarming frankness.

Definitely something to read in my lonely moments of peace.

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