Why Destroy Something Which is Practically Perfect in Every Way?

Mary Poppins Returns, the upcoming sequel to 1964’s Mary Poppins, isn’t out until December 2018, but we’re slowly being fed spoonfuls of it. Now we’ve got some glossy pics courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Well, well… I’m a ride-or-die for Julie Andrews’ Mary Poppins, so of course I’m going to think that Emily’s version is like a “What you order online vs. What arrives” meme. Especially that hat.

I know child care isn’t the most lucrative of careers, but that hat looks like the sort of thing that would make the pigeon lady flip her a tuppence and point her to the nearest department store to get some less-tacky gloves.

Mary Poppins Returns takes place 25 years after the original, this time in the mid-30s. Great Depression London? Sounds fun! 

This remake is the equivalent of Bieber trying to improve a Mozart piano concerto. Just NO!

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