Because, Straights…

By now I’ve accepted the gods whims and their latest obsession on sending “heterosexuals” my way.

I don’t have sexual fantasies, I’ve done whatever I like without the fixation other people has. Many gays had the common fantasy to get fucked by the postman, someone in uniform, or a straight guy. 

I cannot care less who’s fucking me as long they satisfy me. However not looking for it, all of the above had randomly come my way in different opportunities. 

The latest as you know (if you read my shit) are straight men… As a matter of fact, my official fuckfriend is a straight guy… who also do girls on the side as any hetero do… and trust me… I know many straight guys of all religions (lots of Muslims and Hasidic, ironically) in a couple, looking for gay guys to have sex with… Because it doesn’t matter where your faith is, all that matters is where your penis wants to be.

But my topic today is not those sinners, the topic here is that I unexpectedly scored another straight guy via Whisper...

Because whatever I post makes them hard.

Although I downloaded Whisper to kill time at work, this time the guy who messaged me was pretty hot, so I engaged. If ever, I’ll see him this weekend if I have nothing (no one) better to do.

Frankly, it’s very easy to lure straight guys. Or I’m just so extra!

Anyway, don’t get fooled by “the fairer sex” shit because men is definitely NOT, the stronger one. 

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