Lord Buckethead

The United Kingdom has woken up after going to the polls to a shocking upset for Prime Minister Theresa May, and a hung Parliament, an outcome where no party managed to achieve a singular majority. But if American audiences tuned in, they have been less perplexed by the electoral system than Lord Buckethead.

The Nation’s finest politician, Lord Buckethead, who, up until few days ago, was an independent candidate running for election in the Maidenhead constituency, the seat held by PM Theresa May since 1997 shot to fame last night as the world found itself more confused than ever, of course!

Apparently Lord Buckethead comes from hyperspace and he is as fantastic as you imagined because in a world ruled by jerks like Trump, a Spacelord in power is perhaps what our planet needs! 

Absurd or not, the fact is American politics ain’t got nothing on this!!!

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