Not The Only One

Randy is back from vacation and contacted me last night…

Although I’m not into spontaneous anything, I couldn’t say no. I don’t know when was the last time I saw him, over a month ago perhaps?

For the new people reading my blog, Randy is a bisexual guy and he’s my official fuckfriend. However, he’s not longer the only one.

See, we never talked about exclusivity and when he left, well… I needed to survive!

Now, a month later, Tomy is my other regular sexmate and probably I’ll have a 3rd one by next week (Faisal) to take turns for when any of the other bored me or deliver any dissatisfaction to my being because clearly, I’m a fucking princess!!

Anyway, Randy was like “Oh baby sooo tight” super excited of doing me again, while I was in agony trying to keep his 19 year old fat penis inside.

Really, the more they fuck me the tighter I get.

Long story short, it was cool to see him again even if now my desire doesn’t only have his name.

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