Still Soft For Asians

If you’re familiar with my stories, you should know that several of my ex’s during my time as a top were Asians.

Nothing twisted related with their cuteness, fantastic soft skin and perfect bodies, but more of the great chemistry we had. By far the culture I’m more compatible with.

My last Asian was PatrickA (hot AF btw) and ever since, I’ve never been with another one again.

Now, there’s a lot of hot Asians around the area I work. All without exception have amazing legs and butts, but two of them truly paralyse my senses, they hypnotise me, I enter a trance where I put my hands together and clap, because their perfection only deserves applause.

Both are straight out of a manga, a hentai, or from the Olympus.

Both have a stunningly gorgeous face, and their athletic perfect bodies were sculpted by the hand of God.

The youngest must be around 17-18 max, and the other one between 24-27… And I assume that because he lives with his girlfriend (OMG I’m a stalker) and she looks like a young woman in her mid-20s (that bitch!).

Now, if my expertise in Asians is right, the youngest is Korean and the other one is Chinese… That I can tell by the slightly difference in their features and body language.

The “Korean” is a bit taller, a bit more pale, a lot more vain, and walks with certain arrogance (because he knows he’s fucking hot). While the “Chinese” whom also exudes confidence (because with that face and body who wouldn’t?) looks a lot more chill and not so aware of his magnificence.

The “Chinese” kind of looks like the model below, only a bit hotter because you have to see those legs and DAT ass!!

Regardless, both are aesthetic perfection!

If I were a girl, 20 years younger, I’d totally do my best to get pregnant from both of them for the sake of a hotter human race. And if I ever don’t reincarnate in a seductive slutty Latina… Please God, in my next life make me comeback LIKE THIS:

I definitely still have a soft spot for Asians… But it’s more like hard.

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