Night time bike rides can be a thrilling experience instead of a terrifying one if you take appropriate safety measures.

French tire manufacturer Michelin has created a lighting device for bicycles that could become a vital piece of gear for any two-wheeled nightcrawler: Bikesphere!

Bikesphere constantly analyses the area around the cyclist and warns him if traffic intensity changes. Its proximity sensor detects an approaching vehicle, and if the car gets too close, the system will automatically activate two rapidly revolving lasers to shield the bike with a red halo.

This alerts the cyclist about an approaching vehicle and drastically increases his visibility.

Michelin developed this genius device as part of its #TrendyDrivers initiative that seeks to reduce accidents on the road, and is PERFECT!

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2 thoughts on “Bikesphere

  1. Mark says:

    😂 Hubby and I are in Chicago. Saturday night was the Naked bike ride here! Some things you just can’t un-see…

  2. olemtl says:

    Anything naked is mostly fun regardless lol

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