Gloria-Poster-Movit.net_1I had this Chilean movie in my laptop for over a year, and I finally watched last night. I have to say Gloria is a GREAT movie, yet bitter-sweet.

Why it took me so long? Because South American movies are too realistic for me to handle, so I have to be in the right mood to watch them.

Gloria is about a divorced mature lady (brilliantly portrayed by Paulina García) that stills feels young. Though lonely, she makes the best of her situation dancing her solitude away at social dance clubs for single adults.

In one of those random dancing nights she met an older man and she falls in love with. However. “prince charming” was more of an ugly frog and that’s when the story got me somehow frustrated… 

You know, meeting the right person is never evident, even less finding love.


                                         “I’m waiting for you, Gloria”

Although, I’ve been very lucky in my life when it comes to romance, with age the chances to find love again are not the same, and seen Gloria’s struggle, going through the hell that is disappointment gave me the sads ’cause it takes a lot of energy, courage, and faith to start all over again…

The end of the film *SPOILER ALERT* was the most touching (and best) part for me, as she hits the dance floor once again.

At first with reservations until she let herself go (the same way you start another possible relationship) while the VERY meaningful song GLORIA played in the background.

Faltas en mi boca, que sin querer te nombra.
(My lips misses you and inadvertently names you.)

Funny thing, today on my way to the gym I was playing that song when I received a text from Xavier as if the universe was telling me to keep smiling, just like the movie. But Xavier is real, and he made me smile.

I was a bit down today (#OldPeopleProblems,) but I’m feeling better now.

I totally felt related to Gloria when it comes to dance in order to kill sadness. And whether you appreciate Gloria as a portrait of a vital human being, or as someone who refuses loneliness, the message is the same:

Let’s face the music and dance!! 

5 stars BRILLIANT!