One Year Already

It’s incredible how thing can change in a matter of seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, months… But that’s life.

My existence these days has nothing exciting going, but it’s pretty stable.

A year ago however, my world was full of emotions.

A year ago I stopped fucking Kevv, my relationship with PatrickA was coming to an end, and 5 days from today Xavier was about to become the man in my life and that ray of light I needed at that time.

But in between all that, all my focus (and many tears) was in one of my babies, that in a day like today… died to live forever in my heart.

Mo was a present from Hubby during our first year together. She was about 4 months old when she filled my home with joy, and for 14 years she gave me nothing but love.

A year later not only she’s gone, but PatrickA too and Xavier as well.

Without you life just passes by

In moments like this I wish it was me the one gone instead of keep expanding the huge void in my soul.

I miss her. I miss them.

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