The Morning After

I bought this book few weeks ago and I finally finished.

In 1995, Quebec citizens went to the polls to vote on whether the province should succeed from Canada.

This book is based on interviews with the main players in the Quebec referendum of 1995 which almost destroyed Canada. It reveals some astonishing facts, especially that most of the main players had no idea what they would actually do if Quebecers voted YES.

The one man with a clear game plan, Premier Parizeau, had every intention of using a close result on an ambiguous question to lead Quebec to independence. The charismatic Lucien Bouchard, who did more than anyone to create that possibility, had no clear idea what he really wanted and was on the verge of being sidelined.

The recollections of other players show how close the lack of contingency plans, the dangerously unreal assumptions about what would follow a YES vote, and the duplicity and opportunism of some key players, came to divide our country.

In short, there is much to learn from this historical time and hopefully history will not repeat itself in the same incompetent and inane manner. Great book! 

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