Trying to win my heart back Randy came to see me last night.

He was like “want me to come?” and I was like “I’m kind of down”. Then he said “I’ll fix you” and I was like “okay!”

Simple, easy, fast! I like when a guy understands me right.

Randy is usually nice, but last night he was extra sweet, and even brought a bottle of cider and raspberries to drink them with it. Cute!

Although it looked kind of romantic, it was not. I’m just fortunate that my sexmates at some point tend to care for me.

For instance, I’d never forget the 2013 New Year Eve…

I had the brilliant idea to move to a new flat (during a winter storm escaping the souvenirs of my old place and the memories of my then ex boyfriend #TeleNovela,) and I was about to spend the New Year alone with my boxes, when Derek messaged me around 11 PM to ask me what I was doing… So, when I told him I was alone in my empty new flat he came to receive the New Year (and orgasm) with me.

And like that story with him, I have some others with the rest.

I don’t know what is it, maybe I’m just so transparent and real that those who get to know me also get to appreciate my virtues and my many flaws.

I don’t like to pretend things I am not, or fake happiness when I’m feeling like shit. I’m not easy to make friends, but I’m easy make fuck-friends. 

Frankly, “Men is a luxury, not a necessity” but when you’re a loner luxury is cheap. What you need is opulence! And these guys are real gems to me.

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